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Our flagship, inaugural program; focusing entirely on forcible entry operations with a rotary saw. This class is suited for all experience levels from a brand-new recruit to the seasoned veteran; everyone will walk away having learned something new and having had quality hands-on saw time. The full program consists of a classroom portion, saw lab, and hands-on training.

Topics Covered:

- Body Mechanics

- Safe, Effective Saw Operation

- Basic Saw Truck Checks

- Inboard vs. Outboard Differences

- Various Cut Sequences For Overhead Doors

- Drop Bars

- Window Bars

- Mortise Lock Gap Cuts

- Panic Bar Plunge Cuts

- Battery Powered Saws/Grinders


Drop Bar Doors

    - Consists of a commercial metal door with dozens and dozens of carriage bolts sunk into it, simulates cutting drop bar bolts. Can practice either plunge cutting or shaving bolts on it. Panic bar plunge cuts can also be performed on the prop.

Rebar Trees

    - Simulates cutting window bars and teaches proper body mechanics.

Overhead Door Prop

     - Using either actual overhead doors or sacrificial metal sheeting, this prop helps us demonstrate the various cuts and sequence of cuts to be made in order to force a roll-up/overhead door.

Padlock Simulators

    - Using a welded steel body that holds a sacrificial 5/16" quick link, this prop teaches how to hold tension on chain and locks in order to efficiently cut them.

Mortise Lock Gap Cut Door

    - Constructed from an actual security door, this prop uses either actual lock bodies or rebar to practice "gap cuts" on outward swinging doors.

Window Bars

    - Depending on availability, we also offer the opportunity to hang and cut on actual window security bars salvaged from local homes and businesses being torn down.

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