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Street smart training for firefighters, by firefighters...

IFT is a Colorado-based firefighter training company, founded by a proud, professional, union firefighter. Currently IFT's curriculum focuses on rotary saw use during forcible entry operations. We like to refer to this as "Gas Powered Forcible Entry" and have named our flagship program as such.

IFT's roots go deep in all facets of forcible entry operations as well as firefighter instruction. IFT's instructors have extensive experience teaching traditional irons-based conventional entry, the more-nuanced "Through The Lock" entry, and of course, forcible entry with power tools. Whether it's teaching new recruits at a metro-area career academy, providing a department-wide training to a neighboring agency, or just directing a high-quality company-level training - you can bet IFT has been there before and delivered each and every time.

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