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Adam currently rides the backstep as a career firefighter for a department in the Denver metro-area. He started in the fire service in 2010 with a combination department and has been a card-carrying union fireman since 2013. Adam has instructed as both an SME and a full-time instructor at both career and volunteer academies across the Front Range; and has also served as an instructor with Coastal Fire Training specializing in Through-The-Lock entry. He lives in Firestone, CO with his wife and two sons and enjoys riding his Harley on four days.




Dwight Killpack has been a fireman for the last 12 years and a medic since 2016. He also works for a department in the Denver metro-area and splits his time between the engine and medic.  He found he was able to combine his love of firefighting and his destructive nature into a passion of forcible entry. Dwight teaches conventional FE both internally at his department as well as at the North Area career academy. Dwight also runs a business helping good people get hired in the fire service through assistance with oral board coaching. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, spearfishing, competing in jiujitsu, and powerlifting.




Dustin started in the fire service in 2017 and quickly earned a career spot in 2018. He's a back-stepper with a department in the Denver metro-area and has taught multiple classes covering various topics for local combination departments he has connections with. Dustin believes the training we do today, shapes the fire service of tomorrow. He lives in Littleton, CO with his wife and two kids and enjoys golfing, hunting, and mountain biking on his days off.



Equipment Manager/Assistant

Whether he's "helping" by rearranging the IFT trailer and it's tools, or temporarily relocating other important supplies/equipment, Jackie is the heart and soul of IFT and a future member of the American fire service.

Cadre: Our Team
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